The 2017 Golden Rules

16 November 2017 16 November 2017


The FBU, concerned with the good town planning of the Brussels Capital Region and its environment, has decided to draw the attention of the public, town planning professionals and professionals from the public authorities on exemplary town planning projects selected by a jury.

Thus, the chosen approach is to appreciate a completed project: project that is surely not perfect, however still deserving attention for its qualities, its approach and completion.

The FBU hopes that these significant examples will help encourage a development process and a harmonious integration of fonctions essential to a European capital region.

In order to carry out its aim, the FBU awards every 2 or 3 years, “The Golden Rules” of town planning as trophy destined to crown one or several projects, in one or several prize categories listed below.

Since it is question of town planning, it is not the intrinsic quality of the project which is only taken into account, but also its presence, its inscription, and the harmony with which it is implanted in the urban landscape.

Category 1 : Prize for the production of a project or a new ensemble

Category 2 : Prize for the production of a project or a restored ensemble, transformed or rehabilitated

Category 3 : Prize for the production or the valorisation of a public or green space (lighting, plantation, movement, urban design)

Category 4 : Prize for mobility in the largest meaning contributing to qualitative town planning

Category 5 : The Golden Rules Grand Prize. This prize can either be attributed to a project featured in the categories above, or to a leading figure for his or her action or reflexions.

More than one laureate can be shortlisted per category. In this case, one prize and two mentions maximum will be awarded. Category 5 is not mandatory.


    The Golden Rules Award Ceremony will take place on Thursday November 16 2016 at 18:00 at the Vaudeville Theater of Bruxelles

    18:00 Cocktail

    Introduction by the Minister-President Rudi Vervoort

    Conference of Audun Opdal 3XN

    19:30 Dinner and award ceremony

    22:00 End